Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 27, 2012

Music Vids

It needs to be cooler…twenty percent cooler…What an unforgettable line from MLP history. Based off of these lines, multiple MLP music Vids have been made. And of course, there’s always the “You’re going to loveeee meee!!!!” rage section. There’s probably one of these lines for every character of the mane6.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a few choice selections hand picked from the batch. I’ve seen ok music videos, good music videos, and very good music videos…but none quite like these. So plug in the earbuds, turn on the volume, and blast that sound wave full of dozens of hertzes of MLP goodness.

1. Race like Rainbow Dash

First impressions are generally good. Needs to be twenty percent longer, though

2. Definitely autotuned. Starts out with a good drum solo at first. Might need to listen to the steady beat for awhile before you get to the main chorus. Voices set/manipulated to the 20 percent cooler version…I’d say it lives up to its name

3. No strings attached. Plain Cello Solo mixed in with a bit of backround amp. Perfect beat to match the tune…looks like something Octavia would definitely play.

Hope you enjoyed…my body temp just went down from 100 to 80 degrees after listening to all this…hope you get that joke?


Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 25, 2012

Some Fan Comics

A lot of people on the internet have made perhaps comical and ironical parodies of the show. Yet others appear in the form of “awesomeness” “epicness” or other key adjectives they used in their photos to try and accurately describe a shot moment. Anyways, here’s some fan photos, and hope you might use them for your Facebook profile or something…I know I will…

Now 20 percent cooler

Mods are in bed…pony time…whee…

…beep…beep…firing orbital friendship cannon…incoming charge. Stand Clear. I repeat, stand clear.

You will be assimilated…into the herd…with the rest of us…

Those darn ponies…

Don’t do it, Twi…it’s…it’s too much for some of us!

My apologies to the other Mane6 fans. I’ll try to get the other few in…sometime…


Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 22, 2012

Watch that countdown!

What’s up, fellow ponies? First off *BROHOOF*! The next MLP episode airs in about 9 days and a few hours and less than a minute as of now. I’ve taken the liberty of putting a pony countdown to the next episode, and of course, all my cordial remarks go to for providing such benevolent services! You can cut/paste the html for your own official countdown at

Better start watching that clock there.
The next episode will premier in slightly over a week’s time. The name of the next epi is “Put your hoof down”. Gotta love the real world puns turned into MLP style names ;). With the plot summary being (quote and quote): “When Fluttershy becomes tired of being pushed around for too long, she decides to seek some assertiveness training from self-help guru Iron Will. With the help of her new teacher, she quickly transforms her unsure ways.”
I’m not sure at all Fluttershy could actually change her “ways”. But we’ll see. One moment you’re an animal lover, the next you’re an assassin…that’d actually be pretty cool…



Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 22, 2012

Hello world!

Hello, pegasuses, bronies, perhaps My Little Pony lovers and fans. This is a fan built site much like the others at Equestria Daily and such that is dedicated to bringing you all the coolest news and most rad updatez on MLP. Now before the first post comes up, need I warn you that any MLP hater out there should be warned. If you do not like the MLP series, do not read this blog. Thankyou for your consideration. And thanks to the online MLP community. I hope we can get this site off to a good start :D.