Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 25, 2012

Some Fan Comics

A lot of people on the internet have made perhaps comical and ironical parodies of the show. Yet others appear in the form of “awesomeness” “epicness” or other key adjectives they used in their photos to try and accurately describe a shot moment. Anyways, here’s some fan photos, and hope you might use them for your Facebook profile or something…I know I will…

Now 20 percent cooler

Mods are in bed…pony time…whee…

…beep…beep…firing orbital friendship cannon…incoming charge. Stand Clear. I repeat, stand clear.

You will be assimilated…into the herd…with the rest of us…

Those darn ponies…

Don’t do it, Twi…it’s…it’s too much for some of us!

My apologies to the other Mane6 fans. I’ll try to get the other few in…sometime…



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